a very PETA Christmas

The Guardian reports that PETA will give donated furs to the homeless this Christmas. ‘The charity used to bury or burn the furs but has decided to donate them to people in need - but says it will not force a coat on anyone who objects to wearing a fur on moral grounds.’ With how rabid animal rights activists are in Britain this is a great way to not only get rid of furs, but of homeless people, too, who will be fair game for all manner of abuse when sporting their new rabbit, mink, or polar bear coats. Will they get matching hats, mufflers and stoles, too? The whole thing’s very funny in a way. Now decent folk can flog off all their tacky, morally repugnant attire on the poor. Poor people are so low on the moral food-chain apparently, that they can’t really be blamed for wearing fur like we more spiritually enlightened rich folk can. One PETA representative says: ‘Homeless people are probably the only people who have an excuse not to reject fur outright. People who are cold and have money can buy synthetic materials which don't require them to skin an animal.’ Is this, then, a license for the poor to skin animals? You could carry this logic to an extreme though, couldn’t you? I mean, are the hungry exempt from the taboo against cannibalism? Is this where PETA’s shameless quest for publicity leads us? The poor as walking billboards? As living hairshirts? Is PETA advocating anarchy now? They might just as well be!


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