A showdown on filibusters was narrowly averted yesterday, in what amounts to a promise from wussy Democrats not to filibuster in return for the right to do so, which (to be redundant) they promised not to. That's power politics at its finest. How did this happen? Whatever the doctrinal problems amongst Republicans, they've proven they can play hard-ball. The hand-wringing Dems, on the other hand, have done little more than whine about how they thought everybody'd agreed it was softball we were playing all along. "It's not fair! It's not fair!" Well, to quote my mama: "Life ain't fair."

I have to give it to ol' Howard Dean. He'll speak his mind. Which is more than you can say for anyone else in his lame-ass party. It's becoming abundantly clear that the real problem is NOT the GOP. It's the lack of spine in the opposition. The Democrats need a good old-fashioned purge. Get some fire in the party. Massachusetts libs should start by purging John Kerry, who's inconceivably considering another run for President in '08. He is the living embodiment of all that's wrong with his party. That they chose him in '04 shows just how deep the rot is. Get rid of him.

Just because the nutjobs on the right are so spectacularly scary, doesn't mean that the lame-asses on the left aren't almost as bad. Whining and waiting for the right to implode is not a strategy for success. It's not leadership. It's not conviction.


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