Have the morning off, and am about to head to the garden and try and get something—anything—done there.

Big news today is the Israeli pull-out from Gaza. Talk about queening out. I can do without the drama. People get evicted every day. Most of us don’t get as generously compensated for our property, though. Move on. Of course it will only inflame all the hatred, and the fact that obnoxious Palestinian groups are celebrating obnoxiously doesn't help. But that’s what they do over there. The so-called roadmap to peace and all these peace talks are a joke. There will never be peace in the Middle East until either the Arabs or the Jews are gone. And the wall? I’m all for it.

The media is also busy smearing this woman who has been camped outside Bush’s Neverland Ranch in Texas demanding an apology for her son’s death in Iraq. She’s not doing herself any favors, though. She did a treacly, self-indulgent commercial funded by a left-of-center political group, and the more she talks to the press the more flaky she seems. ‘why am I so emotional today?’ she whined, in a clip NBC Nightly News played over and over again, so you would be sure to get the message (pssst, she’s unstable!)—NBC not-too-subtly implied she had become a political pawn of what they called ‘the radical left’. Of course they say it like, ‘some conservatives have suggested…’ but then there’s no attempt to rebut the ‘suggestion’. I mean, her husband is divorcing her, her remaining kids are sending emails saying they're sick of eating mac-n-cheese and begging her to come home and cook dinner, and she has been heard to voice pro-Palestinian opinions. She must a fruitcake.

For a fair and balanced look at the sentiment toward the war, NBC went to a ‘red state’ and asked three people what they thought about it. The war is a farce, of course. It’s a bad joke, and it’s on them, so of course if you stick a mic in their faces and ask them what they think they’re gonna try to save face. It’s their sons and daughters that are paying the price, not the limousine liberals or the cocaine conservatives playing football with the war. So they intone knowingly, of course we have to be there, rehearsing the canned lines they have heard their commander-in-thief repeat ad nauseam, but they couldn’t tell you why, exactly. Like children who repeat on the schoolyard what they’ve heard daddy say at home, but have no clue as to what it means. Daddy says, and that’s enough.

Not that there aren’t plenty of obnoxious neo-conservatives who couldn’t come up with a thousand rationales for the war and why we ‘can’t cut and run,’ as daddy always says. The Bush administration has been expert at creating crises and then intoning gravely, ‘well, it’s too late now, can’t cut and run.’ I mean, it was a ‘pre-emptive’ war. We started it, without any specific provocation. We created the drama that now embroils a nation addled by the boredom that comes with decadence.

Gas prices continue to soar, but again, Americans aren’t going to give in to the terrorists. Gas consumption is actually increasing. NBC did a piece on hybrid vehicles last night, too, and determined they were really a rip-off. One ‘expert’ they consulted said that while the Prius advertised something like 60 mpg on the highway, they took one for a spin and found it got only 36. They didn’t mention that was still about three times what your average SUV gets. That’s apparently not the point. The conclusion was, well, let those silly radical lib environmentalists have their Priuses. The joke’s on someone else for once.


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