a conspiracy just waiting to happen

I'm not a conspiracy nut, really. I mean, I accept there are mysteries that will never be solved. Like the Kennedy assassination. We'll never know the truth about it. But I have to say, this whole Bin Laden thing right now is so friggin fake it's not true.

Bin Laden is either dead or utterly irrelevant. The timing of this latest audio tape is too convenient for the administration for my taste. I mean, here they're facing all this criticism about illegal wire-tapping (an anchorbimbo on MSNBC this morning referred to them, inexplicably, as "so-called warrantless wiretaps"--they are so called because that's what they are, bitch)--here's the administration getting heat for spying on Americans, so what better to do than resurrect the most salient symbol of 9/11--the bugaboo of Bin Laden?

Now Cheney can crow, "lookit! They're about to attack! Bin Laden himself says so! More wiretaps! More domestic spying! Do you all want to die?!?" If Bin Laden is alive he's on the administration's payroll. I see no reason to trust any of the intelligence organizations charged with authenticating the tape, either.

Scott McClellan, sounding, as usual, like a petulant child, in his press briefing yesterday: "Al-Qaeda started this war and we will end it at a time and place of our choosing."

Yikes. If that doesn't sound like more of this nutty masters of the universe neocon "we create reality" crap, I don't know what does. Still, it's a sort of Freudian slip. I mean, if what he says is true, why haven't they chosen to end this war by now? Does perpetuating it serve some other purpose, I wonder?

Like I said, I'm not a big conspiracy freak, but come on. The last time we heard Bin Laden he gave Bush the little bump that probably won him a second term. This will get him through any "frivolous" investigation of his illegal activities in office. And the press is once again reporting government propaganda as fact.

Just makes you think.

And how does Leif Garrett fit into it all? I mean, the morning news shows spent all this time on that mugshot of him. ABC had a huge segment with Donnie Bonaducci called "When child stars hit bottom." First of all, aside from some scrapes and scratches Leif Garrett doesn't look all that bad. He could use some product, but he's not beyond hope. Get those Queer Eye guys on it. They should do a "fallen child stars" segment. It could be a whole hour long. People would love it!

But my question is, is it merely a coincidence that these two big stories broke on the same day, or is there some deeper connection? Hmm?


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