The 2006 New England Spring Flower Show

This is the first display you see when you enter the Expo Center. I thought it was just a tribute to the sheer gayness of it all, but Itchy pointed out that the theme of this year's show was "Welcome Home!"

The next thing you see if you bumble along to the left a little ways, in the Ikebana section, is what I heard some referring to as "the ikebana monster" and "ikebana explosion":

Awe-inspiring ikebana. Something to be feared. I think it looks a bit like the tornado that whisked Dorothy off to Oz, myself. All it lacked was the old bitch on the bicycle with Toto in the basket, cackling "and your little dog, too!"

And there was plenty more where that came from in the ample ikebana exhibition. Unfortunately, I was distracted by another, potentially more thrilling display. This one dedicated to post-apocalyptic night-gardening on the Cape:

If you walked down the debris-strewn path you came out on the other end in the land of the mutant orchids:

After that there was a wine-tasting booth, which made the whole journey worthwhile!


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