infant anorexia is next

Why wait?

There was a kinda sick report this morning on GMA. It was about baby fat, and how "it's not so cute after all." Those were the reporters last words, no joke. The report was all about how baby fat doesn't actually melt away, but could lead to adult obesity.

Which is bullshit. People, babies have always been fat, but adults have not always been obese. Don't blame the babies.

Fact: I was over ten lbs when I was born. I was a fat baby, if ever there was one.

Fact: I am now 36 years old, six feet tall, 175 lbs. I exercise regularly, commute by bike, work in the garden. I don't sit on my arse all day at work and then sit in my car for an hour in traffic on the way home, and then sit on the sofa in front of the TV all night. I don't gorge on snackies, fast food, or sodas. Period.

Point is: it's your diet and exercise regimen, bitches.

Stories like this are just irresponsible. Because you know there are fools out there who are going to see a story like this and then look at their babies, and say, Oh my God, my baby is too fat, and start the kid on a starvation diet.

Another story in the Herald the other day was about a former skateboarder out on the west coast who's come up with a line of toddler clothing called "pimpfants." "There’s the winsome 'Baby Beater' tank tops, the mini basketball uniform with 'Jr. Pimp Squad' across the jersey or the T-shirts that read 'My Mom Is a MILF.'”

The company's owner is a twenty-something, I'd guess, and as shocking as it seems, they are having children, too, now. I mean, when will it end? Enough, already! And of course, they have their own ideas about children, childhood, and child-rearing that the rest of us will have to live with for the rest of our lives.


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