Who the hell is Sean O'Malley?

For those of you who don't know, he is the Cardinal of the Boston Archdiocese, and there's nothing that gets him quite as riled up as gay marriage. He has spent most of his time since taking over the archdiocese a couple of years ago trying to divert attention from the scandal of the sex-abuse cover-up that rocked the archdiocese by demonizing gays and lesbians in no way linked to said sex-abuse or its cover-up. Obviously, blaming gays who had nothing to do with the culture of abuse and deceit in the Church hierarchy itself, which involved all manner of abuse, victimizing boys and girls alike, is the moral thing to do. I mean, why reform the hierarchy and punish the perps? Much easier to just level wholesale blame on people who had nothing to do with any of it.

Not very subtle, but then the Catholic Church isn't exactly known for its subtlety, is it?

So here's a man who works for an organization that brooks no dissent and has not shown itself to be very tolerant of debate, all the sudden infected with the democratic spirit (according to the Globe): "We urge that the legislators let everyone's voice be heard. Let the people vote." It was O'Malley's first appearance at a State House press conference, according to his office.

He has partnered in his effort to get a referendum on the issue with Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon. Talk about an unholy marriage. Good-for-nothing Romney has said he opposes procedural tactics that would prevent an up-or-down vote. "It will not be a vote for or against gay marriage," Romney said. "No, it will be a vote for or against democracy."

Neither of these snake-oil salesmen are in any way qualified to lecture the rest of us about democracy. And any issue of equal rights and protections under the constitution is not for lobbyists, churches with their own internal issues to deal with, or hatemongers willing to forge as many signatures as necessary to get the issue on the ballot to vote on.

The saddest thing of all about O'Malley's gay-baiting-n-bashing is that it's such blatant pandering to the lowest, basest, sleaziest--the worst of which organized religion is capable. Marshaling people's earnest need of community against a segment of their community to divert attention from the sins of the Church's hierarchy is morally repugnant.

From the beginning this has been a PR issue, not in the least a moral one, for the Boston archdiocese. It is disturbing that this man, who has exploited this issue so cynically, is now issuing diktats from the State House with the Governor at his shoulder.

I have nothing against Catholics (after all, they say you should hate the sin, not the sinner). But, sad to say, Cardinal O'Malley is a sleaze. That is precisely why he was elevated to Cardinal by Ratzinger, who is also a sleaze. And why he is in cahoots with Romney, who is a supersleaze, too. It's just a big, ol' sleazy trinity.


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