Jill Carroll redux

I was channel-surfing last night and stopped at Inside Edition, which had a short promotional piece on Jill Carroll, who's publishing her hostage memoir in serial form in the CSM. First of all, Jill, what's with the henna hair?

But aside from the bad hair, the thing that struck me was when the voiceover was listing Carroll's various ordeals, and came to this one: She reportedly had to "redo" a video "when she didn't cry hard enough."

Now, I would like to refer you to my observation of February 1st, 2006, when the video in question was released: "[S]omething about her hysterical plea seemed contrived. I'm sorry, but I could picture her captors, off-stage, directing her: 'emote! No, No! Cut! Jill, Jill, Jill, reach deep down, find the emotion! Let's do it again! Quiet on the set! Take 27, and... action!'"

Just so you know.


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