here's to another 86 years!

Good for Johnny Damon! The Sox are all set to launch another 86-year losing streak. They couldn't handle victory, could they?

Now Sox fanatics, a legendarily whiny bunch, are--what else?--whining that Johnny's a greedy pig and a turncoat to boot, but why shouldn't he get what he's worth on the market? Because a bunch of schlubs have their hopes and dreams pinned to their Sox? Newsflash, bitches: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. That's something the Yankees know that the original yankees further North have apparently forgotten.

Bostonians aren't the most charming lot, but they apparently think they possess something that should inspire loyalty. I got news for y'all. Johnny can get admiration, adulation, adoration, and all the rest Sox fans have to offer in New York. You want to show your appreciation, put your money where your mouth is. This is America, not Soviet Russia. People work for money here, remember?

"In bed with the enemy," Dan Shaughnessy wrote of Damon in the Globe. But the Sox are, and always have been, their own worst enemy. They win one World Series in 86 years, and then set about with great fury to figure out exactly how to lose them for the next 86. I for one BELIEVE they'll do it.


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