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I downloaded some reviews of 28 Days Later. I have got to get back to civilization. This movie came out in Britain November 1st!

On one site a lot of anonymous individuals have posted their reviews. I mean, a lot of these sites allow anyone who’s seen the movie and wants to comment to post something. It’s always interesting, that’s for sure.

Because I’m not British or particularly up on pop culture, I may have missed some of the subtext (I mean, certainly I did). The soundtrack apparently had some songs on it with special significance to certain people in the know. I was oblivious.

I’m not familiar enough with London to have identified where some of the scenes took place, either.

As for the accents, I didn’t really pay all that much attention. But one touchy Englishman by the name of Jonathan complained: ‘Irish guy, black woman and young girl unite to save selves from terrible virus, along way they meet sympathetic Scots sergeant and innocent black soldier alongside half a dozen pyschotic English soldiers.... hmmm.... a great first half of a film followed by what can only be described as a ludicrous anti-English second half that makes sure that every English person (other than the girl) turns out to be a psychotic even worse than the zombies and are hastily dispatched. Surely we've had enough of this anti-English rubbish from Hollywood without a British movie having to continue it?’

Charlene (of undetermined nationality) chastised him: ‘Its no good saying 'english crap this and that' if a film is good its good if its crap its crap, why bring countries into it!?!?’

Suzie complained that the filmmakers ignored ‘all aspects of plausible disease epidemiology.’

Georges Philippe didn’t seem to care: ‘jaysis christ on a jumped-up, chariot driven crutch, was that not a hell of a movie!’ He poo-pooed the naysayers, too: ‘oh, and am really tired of reading supposedly-i-know-everything views about eff-u-cee-kay-i-en-gee sublots and hidden meanings and why was the camera at that angle, does that mean something and crap.... if you don't like thrillers or you just look for some meta-paraphysical, metacosmical, metalinguistic crap, just don't go.’

There were several viewers who spotted some bloopers (four or five saw someone walking in the distance when Jim is wandering the supposedly deserted streets of London, and one guy swears he saw a delivery truck being unloaded).

There was some debate about the jetfighter at the end, where it came from. Emyr claimed it was French. But both Antti Autio and Juha Karttunen were sure it was Finnish. ‘The “French airforces” Feeder2 mentioned above were actually Finnish Hawk jet trainers,’ Antti writes, with some authority. Juha corroborates: ‘Antti, I heard it too... i think it was strange... Did anyone else hear this? (The pilot said “Send helicopter” in finnish).’ But Ismo Karvinen’s got news for them all: ‘Well, actually the jets in the end were old British (RN?) Hawker Hunters from the 1950s.’ He is willing to concede, however, that the pilots were speaking Finnish. ‘Was it an inside joke or what?’ he asks. ‘I have to say it didn't sound right to me, far too chatty for a military pilot.’

That’s the beauty of the internet. Everyone’s an expert!


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