Yesterday, more on the vast left-wing conspiracy from the Slime’s newest editorialist, John Tierney. He replaced the noxious William Safire. I can’t really tell where he’s coming from yet. His op-ed pieces so far have been so bland and lifeless. And this latest was no exception. It seemed to have something to do with Laura Bush’s obnoxious stand-up routine at some Washington Press Corps roast where she painted a picture of her husband masturbating a horse to ejaculation. No kidding.

Tierney's point was that if blue staters thought this performance would hurt her or the president’s approval ratings among red staters they were sadly mistaken, because apparently, red staters, while more moral than blue staters, do have sex and don’t appreciate being sneered at by blue staters. I mean, that was basically how the argument went.

He concludes: ‘[Red staters] know what their image is in Manhattan and Hollywood, and they know they're not all that different from the Democrats in those places. They, too, watch "Desperate Housewives," and they're not surprised to hear Laura Bush doing Chippendales jokes. They've spent their own dollar bills there. They don't see anything the matter with that - or with themselves.’

Well, aside from the fact that he’s talking out his ass, that could be the problem.

The whole red/blue divide is an invention of media schmoes like Tierney. It gives them a false sense of their own power to define the cultural moment, but it’s largely a figment of their collective imagination. If there were truth in it (and there is a kernel) it is merely proof of persecution mania on the part of red America. I mean, last week you had David Brooks blowing hard about the condescension of the skinny liberal elites towards their fat, ugly red state brethren. And now we’re sneering at them for telling off-color jokes. I mean, it's pretty much all in their heads.

Actually there is truth that red staters have been encouraged by the press and politicians to feel victimized and persecuted, and to project their deficiencies onto various scapegoats and bugaboos. And their gullibility in this has earned them occasional sneers, but I don’t know what Tierney is talking about as far as Hollywood, since Hollywood glorifies mediocrity in all its myriad forms. As for Manhattan, it is the center of the free market globalizing utopia. But you have to admire people with the sheer tenacity to cling to victim status even when they’re winning. Kind of like the Nazis being victimized by the Jews. It was self-defense, right?


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