We now have nonstop coverage of the Pope’s carcass on display in the Vatican. When they go to commercial break they play this weird harp music, like in the old Loony Toons when Bugs Bunny gets shot by Elmer Fudd and floats up into Heaven. On CNN they were talking about how seventy some-odd percent of Americans believe in Heaven and most of them believe it’s an actual place. And was the pope in heaven now? What do you think? That was the CNN/Time News Poll. But, guess what? The Pope doesn't care what you think, and never did.

It's the New Aging of the Pope.

Funny how everything we touch turns to porn. And this is definitely a kind of emotional pornography. There’s something about the fakes who read the news paying tribute to a real person that's a little bit obscene, somehow. Their straining for emotion is patronizing. It reminds me of how some adults talk to very young children in exaggerated tones to indicate to the child what sort of reaction is expected of him. That was particularly nauseating in the case of Terri Schiavo, but they have also hijacked the pope for their purposes.


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