I wrote about Bush & Co. yet again this week in the Metro. My columns are becoming boring and predictable just like him. I mean, of course, if all you write or talk about is boring, predictable people, you become one yourself, don’t you? The truth is, I haven’t written about local issues, even though we’ve just had this election, because they’re dicey, and I don’t have any solutions for even the simplest of problems. I haven’t written about issues like healthcare, because I don’t have a clue. I’ve said it before: I’m a one-trick pony. It’s all about hypocrisy for me. If I can’t point out the hypocrisy, I’m not interested. Yes, it’s juvenile. What can I do?

But when I wrote this last piece, about how the hacks in the GOP were blaming Clinton for WMDs, I just felt like I’d gone too far. I mean, I googled myself the other morning and someone had written: “Basically, Mennonno is this pissed off super liberal writer for the paper. He blames all of lifes problems on Bush.” Is that what I am? Is that what I do? I don’t think so. This was just an excerpt. I tried to click on the google link to get to the blog, but the link was defunct. The whole liberal, super-liberal label means nothing to me. People don’t know what they’re talking about when they use it.

Let me assure you, Mr. Bush does not loom so large in my personal universe. Mr. Bush is a gnat in my personal universe. I don’t think about him or dream about him, or whatever. When I sit down to write my little thing for the Metro, he does come to mind, mainly because he is representative of something, not as a thing in itself. He is for me, like he is for his supporters, a blank screen. The difference is that for his “admirers” they project their hopes and longings onto it. His detractors see only a blank screen.

What’s slightly maddening about Bush is not anything that has to do with Bush himself, but more with these poor sods who insist on projecting their hopes and longings onto such a small screen. He is not gracious or expansive, and it shows you how petty and devoid of real wonder these people must be that he represents their hopes and dreams. I mean, what mean, sad little hopes and dreams they must have, eh?


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