I was reading a review of Al Franken’s new book on salon.com, and was again reminded of what is so wrong with the so-called left in this country. That’s what salon.com is good for, if nothing else. The people who write for the online magazine are all people you would dread being stuck in an elevator, much less at a dinner party with (if anybody actually has dinner parties anymore, these would be them). There is that ever ungenerous tone typical of those who are always right talking out their asses to those who always agree with them. They assume they are on the outside looking in, or, more accurately, looking down, and from a great height. But they’re not. They are very much a part of the status quo they’re always griping about. I should know, from my little perch, way up here on Mt. Ida.

The reviewer, a certain Lynn Harris, kicks off her review with a little gloating, referring to the current political “situation” as a “potentially delicious point in current events.” Bush’s dip in the opinion polls would matter if we lived in a lively democracy, but we really don’t. Harris reminds me of a Sox fan gloating at a Yankee defeat. She’s among those who were in a funk after Kerry conceded to Bush, as if Kerry would have made a big difference. Her political affiliation is part and parcel of her whole boring pomo consumer identity.

But she goes further. She hails Krugman, Kristof and Herbert as some kind of liberal holy trinity. Herbert is the only true, dyed in the wool traditional liberal among them. Krugman leans towards neocon in many respects, and Kristof is little more than an apologist for the GOP. But all three write for The Slime. It’s like, could you be any more clichéd? She is in every way the cartoon image of liberals that cartoon conservatives are always on about. I mean, it’s not surprising that people with weak personalities and limited intellectual capacity cling to stereotypes, but this is ridiculous.

Just to drive it home, she also expresses surprise that “the media -- even NPR!”—fell into lockstep after the election, as if NPR, with their corporate sponsors and political pressures, is some bastion of American progressivism. “Even NPR!” Pathetic.


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