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There's this story about the landlord who set up cameras in his female tenents bathrooms. On CNN's Paula Zahn Now, they're advertising the "outrage" of the voyeur landlord with voyeuristic footage from the voyeuristic landlord's private stash. This is a little like NBC's "Perverted Justice: to catch a predator" series, where NBC becomes the predators' predator.

Wolf Blitzer's a riot. The other day I was watching (I was multitasking, people), and he's got some Vanna White-type chick that he turns to every so often, and she stands in front of this big touch-screen TV and reports on websites of interest. Yesterday's was http://www.expectmore.gov/ and Vanna raved about how "they" rated the performance of hundreds of government agencies, and how "they" had rated FEMA's performance "acceptable" or something. Never bothered to say who "they" were, of course. And needless to say, Wolf never asked.

This afternoon they were talking about Bush's revelation of a thwarted terrorist plot in LA in '02, for which it's implied we should give him carte blanche. They’re asking now when a threat becomes a thwarted plot. But instead of asking the “analyst” du jour if the administration might not be exploiting fears of terror attacks for political ends, which clearly they are, he asks who’s doing better with the public on “security”. "Well, Wolf," his analyst says, "according to the latest CNN poll, the Republicans are winning that one." Wolf thanks him and before the commercial break reminds us to stay tuned to CNN “all day and night” for our “security needs.”


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