The Cowardice of Congress

The lame symbolic gesture of censure will come up tomorrow in Congress. Sponsored by Senator Russ Feingold, it's yet another example of legislators' abdication of their responsibility and role in the balance of powers. When asked by George Stephanopoulos this morning why not impeachment? Feingold told him: "This is a way without going too far, without causing a constituional crisis." This whole administration is a constituional crisis. It's like proffering a bucket to bail out a sinking ship because you don't want to cause a panic.

Bill Frist responded later, saying that the GOP was behind the President, "who is out there fighting Al Qaeda," as if Superprez himself was out there freedom fighting for each and every one of us. People, he's been to Afghanistan once, on the first of this month, four and a half years after US troops invaded the country. I remember one much ballyhooed occasion Bush visited Iraq: Thanksgiving '03. He teleconferenced with troops there last year.

Impeach the bitch, already.


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