I had a weird dream this morning just before waking up. I was in a crowded gym with some (fictional) friends, and we were waiting for something. It was like we were going to take one of those all-day standardized exams, maybe. I was in high spirits. There was a pretty little redhead I didn’t know, and I followed her down a little corridor (it turned out she was on her way to the copy machine), and somehow managed to steal a kiss. Then another young woman (a brunette) came in and we were all three bantering back and forth. They mentioned a scantron exam (this is what gave me the idea, retrospectively, that I was there for such an exam) and I asked them what it measured—height? Shoe size? In the dream I seemed to find myself very witty and clever. I don’t know if they did or not. I went back into the gym, where I found a male friend (Sethlike, but not Seth) holding my seat. Then suddenly it was like I was watching a movie. There was a man on a beach, naked. Then there was a man in a big penis costume, his head peeking out of the uncut sheath. Then there were two guys dressed as testicles. They dove out one by one from the scrotal sac into the ocean and turned and waved. That’s when I woke up.


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