Christ with a crewcut

I was reading some old files I’d downloaded from the internet today. There was one about how Christ didn’t actually have long hair, and how pagans and gnostics had infiltrated early Christianity and spread lies about His do. This was something some Jesus freak had published on-line for all to see. He’d done his homework, seems like, and his argument was convincing enough, I reckon. He quotes numerous 4th century AD sources, including Epiphanius of Salamis, who wrote:

'These impostors represent the holy apostle Peter as an elderly man with hair and beard cut short; some represent holy Paul as a man with receding hair, others as being bald and bearded, and the other apostles are shown having their hair closely cropped. If then the Savior had long hair while his apostles were cropped, and since by not being cropped, He was unlike them in appearance, for what reason did the Pharisees and scribes present a fee of thirty silver pieces to Judas that he might kiss Him and show them that He was the one they looked for, when they might themselves or by means of others have determined by the virtue of His long hair Him whom they were seeking to find, and thereby without paying a fee?'

Well, I’m convinced. I mean, that was the clincher. The author of the essay had pretty good motives for setting the world straight, too, which really added to the credibility of the claims. In a section entitled ‘Why Is The Error Of The Long Haired "Jesus" Important?’ he writes:

'The first thing to understand is this. Just because certain visionaries may see various angelic creatures who may even appear with short hair, this is no criterion (of itself) that the apparitions are approved by Christ (see I John 4:1). But if a spirit appears with long hair, it is self-evident to the Bible believer that the spirit is not the Jesus of the New Testament, even if he says he is Jesus and quotes parts of the Bible to sustain his case. Paul showed that the real Jesus has short hair.... Let's be plain. IF a spirit appears to you (or anyone else) and displays a male countenance with long hair and he says he is Jesus, you can know in an instant that he is a false and lying spirit. The Bible makes it clear that Christ Jesus and the Father DO NOT have long hair!'

This is a valid concern, certainly. But his personal motivations are even more convincing:

'Since I am a member of the family of God (as are all of you too), I am getting tired of my Elder Brother being falsely portrayed as an effeminate weakling like the pagan philosophers, the heathen gods, Simon Magus or some modern day "hippie."'

Amen, brother, amen.


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