God invented swallowing, didn't he?

I read that some nut tried to steal a gun from a gun shop so he could go rescue Terri Schiavo. He smashed two cases and when the shopkeeper pulled a gun on him he told him if he wasn’t on Terri’s side he wasn’t on God's side. Poor pathetic sod. Obviously needs attention. I mean, apparently he drove from Illinois. You’d think he could have arranged to get a gun more or less legally, if he’d planned ahead a bit, instead of causing a big scene, thus ruining his chances of success.

I’m not sure why people think God would keep Terri alive artificially. If He wanted her alive so bad, He could probably manage to keep her alive without the feeding tube, don’t you think? That’s why God invented swallowing.

I think it’s all very sad, but I don’t feel particularly sorry for Terri, since I’m pretty sure she has no earthly idea what’s going on. I feel sorry for her parents. It’s sad that in their quest to keep her corpse around indefinitely they've ruined their own peace. They'll always carry around the bitterness that they have created around her long, miserable death. And all to no purpose. All because they could not accept God’s will in the first place.


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