It’s really no surprise that the administration is up in arms over this Newsweek report about soldiers at Guantanamo Bay desecrating the Koran (a story which if true would not be a bit surprising, considering other clever interrogation methods, including menstruating female soldiers in thongs taunting prisoners). The administration, and the rest of the mainstream press, has been near-apoplectic in its condemnation of Newsweek in this incident. Contrast this with the lack of outrage over Abu Ghraib. Even in the Abu Ghraib scandal, it was not the actions of soldiers that offended senior staffers and commentators on the right, it was the press’s willingness to publish their photos. This is another instance of the “liberal press” engaging in un-American activities, harmful to the war effort. That Newsweek is tripping over itself, for obvious political reasons, to retract the story, is telling of how utterly the mainstream media has become a collective American Pravda, serving at the pleasure of the Party leadership.

The approach here has been a little different than before. Before it was, leave our troops alone, you are hurting their efforts. Now we are hearing how the Newsweek piece (whether true or not) is bad because it has caused rioting and deaths of Muslims in the Muslim world. And lord knows we don't want that.


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