Got back from Budapest Sunday and crashed out at, like, 5 p.m., woke up at three yesterday and couldn't get back to sleep. At least where traveling overseas is concerned it's harder coming than going. Went to have a look at the garden, was seriously disheartened (as for why, see my garden page), stopped into Back Bay station to grudgingly purchase my monthly T pass. At forty-four bucks a month, it's costing me over $500 a year for their rude, infrequent, shitty so-called service. And when I got to Back Bay I discovered there was some weird subculture of office drones that come out from their maze of cubicles at two o'clock in the afternoon the first of the month to buy their T passes. I mean, I dropped in at that time to avoid the masses.

The first thing I think you notice when you come back from a country where English isn't spoken is how banal everything people talk about is. In a foreign language even the banal sounds somehow exotic. The second thing you notice is how awfully asexual WASPy people truly are. I'd say 75% of the drones in line with me were twenty-somethings, and not a single one of them was sexy. There were one or two at most who were good-looking, but none were the least bit sexy, which is sad when you're in your twenties. New Englanders are like Nordic people, very cold and abstract.

There were three office wonks behind me in line, swapping gossip. They were talking trash about some sod they were calling the "office bitch," but they were all bitches from what I could see. I mean, prostituting themselves to the man. They dress alternative but they're all the same. This generation is worse than their fathers and grandfathers, because they think a nipple ring and a tattoo or two means they're different. Totally superficial, totally affected, totally whatever. I mean, how can people be this boring and apparently not know it? It's inconceivable.

Then I dropped into Whole Foods. Don't even get me started. I went there because it was on my way home and I wanted something light to eat on account of the heat, and they've got a sushi dude there making fresh sushi all day. Am I as bad as the rest then?


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