The Tribulations (but not yet trials) of Saint George

I was just watching the news on the local ABC affiliate (channel 4), and the anchorwoman was talking to George Stephanopoulos about Mr. Bush's latest shenanigans, specifically the revelation by Scooter Libby that the President authorized Libby's leaks.

Stephanopoulos called it "a big blow against the President."

The anchor called it "a big distraction."

This is how pussied-out the press is. First of all, they treat it like it's no biggie that the President broke the law, again, and that he then repeatedly and brazenly lied about it in public. Character? Anybody?

Secondly, if it is "a blow against the president" it is the president himself who threw the punch. As for the scandal (should it become one--and, yes, it should become one) being a "big distraction": what is it a "distraction" from, exactly? This is the modus operandi of this administration. This so-called "distraction" is the very thing that all the lies and prevarications are distraction from.

Later it was reported that "Washington" is considering airstrikes against Iran. It would not surprise me in the least if, hurting in the polls, the President and Congress resorted to a little shock-n-awe to rally the troops and whip up hysterical support for the party.


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