GOP zombies embark on yet another letter-writing campaign

I got a kick out of this letter to the editor in the Globe yesterday, about how the doom-n-gloom liberal media is to blame for the unpopularity of the war in Iraq, because they're not reporting all the great things that are going on over there. I have issues with the Globe publishing propaganda, too. Like this letter to the editor. It does nothing but reiterate a stale, transparent and intellectually dishonest line peddled by the administration.

This is, after all, an administration that still will not allow the press to photograph the coffins of soldiers returning from Iraq. This is the administration that officially "embedded" giddy journalists with troops to ensure more sympathetic reorting. This war received nothing but positive press for the first phase of it (up until Mr. Bush's little fairytopia appearance to announce the end of combat). The press was pretend-critical through the shock-n-awe phase. They treated it like a sports event.

Reporting the bloodshed is the absolute least they can do to bring home to complacent Americans the cost of war.

The funny thing about the latest GOP meme is how doggedly Cheney had to hammer it home before his "troops" picked up on it and started their diligent little letter writing campaigns. I mean, the old coot's been crowing about it for weeks now.

But can a fraudulent email petition campaign threatening boycotts by "Christian" groups and mandating positive press coverage of all administration initiatives be far behind?


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