There was a story on the local Fox affiliate about how state legistlators are being swayed by their teenage kids to vote against raising the driving age in Massachusetts to seventeen and a half, using government once again as an entitlement club for the rich. The story focused on a dashing state senator from Wrentham named Scott Brown, and his beautiful, princess-like daughter, Ayla, a recent "American Idol" contestant, who is seventeen.

I have a much better idea. We could simply limit a family's car allotment, much as China has limited its citizens' baby allotment: one per family. With everyone wailing “but it’s not fair!” I suppose that would be the fairest solution. Because, as many people are arguing in chat rooms across the state, it’s the parents’ fault for providing their kids with racy wheels in the first place. Either limit the number of cars per family, or the number of kids, and voila! Problem solved!

I have heard almost no one arguing that their kids need the car to get to work, by the way. Glittery princess Ayla in her sparkling SUV would not have been able to drive herself to her “Idol” audition if the driving age was seventeen and a half, gasp!

Online Lawyer Source reports:

Auto accidents and teens statistics show that auto accident fatalities are the leading cause of death for young people in America. Teenagers comprise less than seven percent of the total population but are involved in fourteen percent of all auto accidents. Auto accident and teens statistics also show that teenagers are four times more likely to be killed in an auto accident than are people older than twenty five.
Frankly, the “but it’s not fair!” argument doesn’t cut it. I’ve heard that one for years from my tweeny nieces, and it has ceased utterly to resonate with me. And, not to sound harsh, but it’s not about what’s convenient for spoiled teenagers or their overindulgent parents. I’m worried about the other drivers and pedestrians who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when these bratz, speeding down the road listening to Radio Disney while yacking into their cell phones, mow ‘em down.


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