an historic moment

Yesterday seems to have been The Big Day in Baghdad. The BBC reported, and I quote: ‘The president is said to regard the fall of Iraqi capital as an historic moment.’ It’s very funny, on any number of levels.

I think there’s a bit of cheek involved, of course. But from Arie Flescher’s speech you got the feeling that the ‘president’ still just doesn’t get it. I don’t think Bush has a historical consciousness. He’s barely conscious at all.

But the way his spokesman talked about it was like, yes, the ‘president’ watched a little bit of the war on TV and said, ‘hmm, this looks like one of those watchacallits.’ And one of his advisors said, ‘erm, election themes?’ ‘No, no, that’s not the phrase I’m looking for.’ And another one said (with a snicker), ‘imperial liberation campaigns?’ The ‘president’ scratched his head. ‘No...’ A third (maybe an intern): ‘umm, a historic moment?’ The others rolled their eyes. The ‘president’ looked vexed for a moment. ‘Say again.’ ‘A, umm, like, historic moment.’ ‘Yeah! Yeah, that’s it! It looks like one of those!’ He turned to his spokesman. ‘Can we use that in a speech or something?’ And Arie’s like, ‘I’ll float it this afternoon, Mr. President.’


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