The ghost of Terri Schiavo is alive and well and on the loose in Florida, resurrected by the Schindlers with the eager and able assistance of Governor Jeb Bush. Honestly, I don't see why anything should change for the Schindlers. They could have had Terri stuffed and just continued on pretty much as before. But this is yet more shameless politicking by Jeb. He reminds me of Paris Hilton--anything to keep his name in the national headlines. If he had a beaver to flash you can bet he'd be flashing it. And just as Paris used porn to bore her way into the national psyche, Jeb did too. At least Paris used a living person.

Jeb is probably an abler politician than his stooge of a brother, but as audacious as the GOP has become, my guess is that they'll balk at running him in the top spot in 2008. But you never know. Personally I think they'd be stupid not to run McCain. I mean, I might even vote for McCain for president, but he's definitely a loose cannon, though he made the requisite effort to conform in the last campaign by basically blowing his arch-rival Bush on National TV. Unlike McCain, Jeb has never deviated from the party line and pays appropriate homage to the religious right. Which is what this necrophiliac orgy in Florida is all about.

As for the Schindlers, this is pure bitterness. A smear campaign. And it shows what kind of people they are, and that they never had their daughter's interests in mind. Talk about a grudge. They have basically accused Michael Schiavo of murder. When the coroner's report cleared him of strangling her 15 years ago, as the Schindlers had alleged, the Schindlers called for a criminal investigation to go over the coroner's head. And good ol' Jeb has pulled whatever strings needed pulling to get the witch hunt underway. What the Schindlers really want is for Schiavo to pay for pulling the plug on their daughter. There must be someone to blame, and someone must pay. Michael Schiavo is the obvious choice, isn't he?

Not to beat a dead corpse, but this is the scorched-earth mentality of the right in action. Here we have medical evidence that clears Michael Schiavo of any wrong-doing he was maliciously accused of. The fact is, he was accused not because there was any preponderance of evidence of foul play but precisely because he disagreed--fundamentally, philosophically--with his accusers, who seem to be able to use the government of Florida for their own purposes, in this case revenge.

Here's a prime example of the importance of a real independent judiciary.


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