Fence or Farce or Fence and farce?

One last bullshit issue for the day: illegal immigration. Just read this in the LA Times:

"Nearly 70% of Americans who responded to a study — supported by WeNeedAFence.com — believe that a secure physical barrier combined with a sensible worker program is the most humane solution to our current dilemma. The House has already passed a bill that mandates 700 miles of border fencing. We at WeNeedAFence have proposed a border security system consisting of six parallel physical barriers, plus a patrol road with effective detection devices. It is based on the highly effective Israeli fences in the West Bank and in Gaza. At 40 yards wide at minimum, such a system cannot easily be climbed over, tunneled under, cut through or rammed through without triggering devices that will alert mobile agents in time to thwart the attempted intrusion. We also propose up to 200 legal crossing points and patrol stations so that trade, commerce, tourism and legal immigration are not affected."

First of all, illegals are everywhere for a reason. They're taking the jobs Americans think they're too good for. If there weren't a market for cheap, black market labor, there wouldn't be so many illegal immigrants around.

Second, if the US would cultivate meaningful relations with Mexico, and Central and South America, instead of viewing anyone south of the border as akin to terrorists, like those at WeNeedAFence.com do, we might be able to work out a meaningful solution.

I have a relative in Southern California, and while she is sensible and moderate about most things, she is outspoken in her detestation of Mexicans. Her reaction to even the mention of them is immediate and visceral. That's the kind of sentiment WeNeedAFence is building on.

A giant "fence"--I don't know why we don't call it a wall, since the edifice described above is sructurally more like the one that divided Berlin than the one between my yard and my neighbor's--nor does it resemble a fence psychologically, but we live in increasingly Orwellian times, so I guess we can call it a fence--A giant fence may be a stop-gap in Gaza, because of terrorism there, but it is not a solution along our border with Mexico. It is a statement. Of Mexicophobia, for one thing. Or Latinophobia. Or something. They're brown-skinned and poor and dirty and brutish! And they're right on the other side of our border! And some of them are seeping through, contaminating our nation!

A new and meaningful examination of our relationship with the region would be a better approach than a wall, and might lead to an actual solution that could profit all parties involved.


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