fate of Wacko Jacko's abusement park in the balance!

Does Neverland not look like the most depressing "amusement park" on the planet? It's kind of like, if you've ever been to Graceland, how small it is, and how cheap and tacky. Neverland is actually just enough of an amusement park to lure the more desperate kiddies. It's obvious. Just like Graceland could only look opulent to a poor boy born in a two-room house in someplace like East Tupelo, Mississippi, Neverland could only look fun to some poor kid from the ghetto whose folks can't afford Disneyland. I mean, all you need is a chintzy little choo-choo train, a cheap-ass carousel, and a rusty, beat-up old ferris wheel on loan from the Yalobusha County Fair, and you're set.


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