Sundays with Stephanopoulos

Now, it's interesting how patrick Kennedy's little Ambien incident has morphed into a crisis for the whole Democratic party. There's no question Kennedy should resign, But when has a Kennedy ever resigned. You want him out, you better hire a good marksman. But whethr he resigns or not, this is obviously not a party issue.

Sleezebag Tom Delay was also on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, blaming Bill Clinton for the energy crisis. If Clinton had allowed drilling in Alaska, we would have a million barrels more a day, and no gas crisis, Delay said.

When confronted with Republican poll numbers in the gutter, he said it was the Democrats, and that we should get back to the issues: gay marriage and abortion.

When confronted with his own ethics troubles, he said, everyone's doing it, and it's the Democrats' fault.


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