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Occasionally I get these emails from Amazon trying to sell me some of their overstock. But try as they might, they don't know me. Just because other people who bought some book I did are fool enough to buy some of the crap they're trying to sell me now, doesn't mean I'm going to, too. I mean, are we in Junior High? What's with the peer pressure?

So the latest was John Kasich's overzealously titled Stand for Something: The Battle for America's Soul. First of all, been there, done that, bitch. Where were you?

I found the description of the book particulalry original. "Kasich asserts that the erosion of moral values can be contributed [sic] to...disappointing leadership, the growing lack of ethics in business and sports, religious intolerance, and mass media and popular culture." Wow, this guy's really thinking outside of the box, isn't he?

Just the fact that he spent nine terms in Congress tells me what a good-for-nothing fucktard he is. But a quick look at Wikipedia proves he's even more of a worthless tool than I'd imagined: former U.S Republican Representative turned television show host for FOX News. He hosts Heartland with John Kasich, and also guest hosts The O'Reilly Factor, filling Bill O'Reilly's pie-hole with custard when necessary. He can also lick his own balls while picking his nose and farting the National Anthem.

Well, not really. He's not that talented. But at least that would be somewhat original. I mean, what rightwing blowhard doesn't have a show on Fox?

I'm working on a book of my own:


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