CBS goes Soviet

On CBS's The Early Show this morning there was a piece on Bush's uncharacteristic trip to Capitol Hill to promote his new terror bill, which was billed by CBS as "giving President Bush the tools he needs to fight the War on Terror." There followed a video-tour of Guantanamo interrogation chambers, complete with reclining la-Z-boys for prisoners. Then it was reiterated that the bill would give prisoners "more rights."

This shit is straight out of the Soviet propaganda playbook. The la-Z-boy was the touch I appreciated most, because it was so-o-o-o-o ridiculously OTT it gave the whole report an in-your-face, tongue-in-cheek feel. This is how truly contemptuous the government and the media are of the public. That the military could show the media to a room with a plush la-Z-boy, claim prisoner's are wined and dines during their casual Q-n-A's, and the media would present it as fact. It's the Daily Showization of "real" news. It would be comical if not for the fact that the continued atrocity of Gitmo is one of the best recruiting tools terrorists have got.

The truth is, the Bush administration needs no help with this sort of thing. The GOP has proven deft at pushing through legislation at the eleventh hour and using opposition to it against Democrats in tight races. That's why Bush is making so much noise right now, instead of clearing brush at Crawford. The media wouldn't even bother to cover the vote if he wasn't pointing the way for them.

Now they're helping him whitewash the bill as a tool against terror, instead of a future tool for terrorists. And any Democrats who oppose it will risk being seen as soft on terror. You've just got to wonder how many times the GOP can pull this off.


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